We focus on four specific areas of impact



As advocates, the Coalition strives to provide its member’s representation at the local, regional, state and federal level advancing legislative actions supporting marijuana decriminalization, equitable economic development, and rapid toxicology testing technology. 


Community Development

Michigan Canna Coalition Association members are required, as a membership fee, to donate 1% of their gross profits to the Coalition, annually. As a grant-making entity, the Michigan Cannabis Coalition Association provides local non-profit organizations with funds to support community programs and projects that expand social justice, ensuring communities with the most need get their support. Funding is provided through a grant application process; each project is evaluated by members of the community they serve. 

Social Equity

The Michigan Canna Coalition Association believes that cannabis should be an economy that everyone can access. The Association is dedicated to creating a cannabis industry that is representative of all who dreams of being a cannabis entrepreneur. 


Business Support

The Michigan Canna Coalition Association uses its membership base to help support cost-effective small business opportunities. Through mass buying power, the members receive wholesale pricing with preferred supply vendors. Members have access to the best pricing on employee benefits, healthcare, worker’s compensation, liability insurance, supplies, and professional services. Members receive the discounts of major corporations while still functioning as individual entities. As the cannabis economy continues to evolve, accessing an immediate supply chain of resources and networks of distribution will only help to create a thriving cannabis economy. Members know that they are stronger together, join us.